Aquaculture Europe conference

Cork, Ireland

Important: Aquaculture Europe 2020 will not take place in year 2020, but EAS will organise events in both Cork and Madeira in 2021. The EAS Board of Directors have decided that AE2020 cannot go ahead as planned in Cork from September 29 to October 2. There will therefore be no Aquaculture Europe event this year. However, to maintain commitment to chosen locations and to provide delegates, exhibitors and attendees with more scope for participation, EAS will organise two events in 2021. AE2020 in Cork, Ireland from April 12-15 and the official AE2021 event in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal 6 months later from October 5-8.

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There is now a momentum in all aspects of food production towards a circular economy whereby we no longer regard waste as a problem to be disposed of, but instead look for ways to make it a resource which can be re-used – thereby closing the loop on aquaculture inputs and outputs and reducing environmental impact.

Aquaculture can take the lead in the Blue – Green Bio-Economy and is well placed to lead by example with new technologies such as land-based marine aquaponics, large-scale recirculating marine farms and innovative, integrated freshwater initiatives on brown field sites. When it comes to having a societal impact, recent re-search has shown that aquaculture products, from sea-weed to salmon, should be included as part of a balanced diet from the first 1000 days right through to promoting healthy ageing.

This conference will bring together stakeholders from many diverse disciplines to discuss and debate cross cut-ting issues such as new circular economies, life-long health and environmentally sustainable production.

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