Baltic Sea Region Smart-Up Final Conference

Online event

Baltic Sea Region – Smart Specialisation with Science, Technology and Innovation for the Economic transformation and SDGs implementation

The virtual event will bring together speakers from the EU and Baltic Sea Region and the Member States. It is directed in applying smart specialization and science, technology and innovation in order to achieve SDGs, respond to the development challenges and contribute to the post-crisis’s recovery and resilience in a sustainable and knowledge-based manner.

The morning part gives an overview of the context, state of play and recent developments followed by an interactive, moderated discussion. The agenda on the afternoon will focus on specific examples of the partners discussed issues and aim to learn from the experience gathered so far. Panels will also be followed by an interactive, moderated discussion – between the panellists and with a wider audience. This conference also acts as the stage for launching two main contributions to the European Smart Specialisation Policy, by launching two books for helping understand the Smart Specialisation contributions in the Baltic Sea Regions.


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