EAS talk – Understanding and managing the biofilter microbiome in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

There are two crucial biological systems that a RAS operator has to manage to achieve success – the biology of both the fish and of the microbiome in the biofilter. The two rely on each other, and without both working in harmony, there is no chance of growing healthy fish – whether in a hatchery or full grow-out. Huge resources are spent on optimising all aspects of the fish biology – from the genetic profile of the eggs to the ongoing monitoring of fish health parameters. But not enough attention is paid to optimising the health of the microbiological systems in RAS biofilters. As long as the basic functions, such as nitrification, are happening, that is often seen as ‘good enough’. This webinar will explore why this is a missed opportunity, and how RAS operators can gain from a renewed focus on optimising the health of the microbiome.

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Source: https://www.aquaeas.eu/member-services/what-is-eastalk

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