Within AquaVIP we offer service consisting of training, networking, and cooperation actions undertaken in AquaYouth, AquaProfi, and AquaTION work packages on the basis of the AquaVIP experiments conducted by partner institutions.





AquaVIP Experiments

AquaVIP experiments  carried out in partners’ facilities are foreseen as core activities for AquaYouth, AquaProfi and AquaTION service offer.

AquaVIP experiments will be focused on innovative solutions with the potential to be implemented into aquaculture business in the South Baltic area.  AquaVIP experiments will be carried in the area of recirculating aquaculture systems, shrimps cultivation, artificial feed chains, aquaponics, and geothermal technology.

AquaVIP experiments list:

  1. Establishment of artificial feed chains for the culture of sensitive fish larvae
  2. Growth and nutritional value of Litopenaeus vannamei from the small-scale laboratory culture
  3. Aquaponic experiment with Litopenaeus vannamei and microalgae
  4. Nutritional value of native and non-native shrimps from the Baltic Sea and their importance as a food source for humans or in future fish farms
  5. Whiteleg shrimp RAS technology optimisation
  6. New „shrimp tower“ RAS concept
  7. Application of brackish salinity in freshwater fish RAS cultivation
  8. Geothermal brine for water salination in marine RAS
  9. Indoor culture technology for  Daphnia sp. and its use as valuable(?) additional live feed for fish
Aquaculture Youth career development

AquaYouth career development offer is a complex service for students, of aquaculture and related fields, future employees willing to make a career in the aquaculture market,  and micro, SMEs and self-employed entrepreneurs willing to improve their skills.

Skills gained through the AquaYouth offer will facilitate career development and blue economy in the area.

AquaYouth service offer includes:

  • summer schools on innovative aquaculture technologies such as recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) and  aquaponics
  • study visits in modern, innovative farms and AquaVIP partner facilities
  • students panels during branch events
  • guide in aquaculture career with jobs catalogue, jobs presentations, success stories and farms presentations.
Aquaculture Professionals success support

AquaProfi is a service offer for aquaculture self-employed entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises, SMEs representatives, both employers and employees: fish farmers, crustacean farmers, aquaponics entrepreneurs, as well as farmers associations, NGOs, and authorities interested in improving their skills and sustainable aquaculture development.

The aim of AquaProfi is the development of cross-border professional aquaculture training courses for practitioners on  topics related to innovative and sustainable solutions in aquaculture to upgrade their skills and business capacity.

AquaProfi service offer includes:

  • AquaProfi network engaging enterprises  crucial on the labour market in the aquaculture sector in the South Baltic area interested in innovative aquaculture solutions researched by the AquaVIP partners (RAS systems, aquaponics, thermal energy application)
  • AquaProfi professional training
Aquaculture innovaTION – boosting education and business capacity

AquaTION is an e-learning platform, which will be developed on the basis of state-of the art knowledge, experience form previous aquaculture projects, and experimental and training activities of the  AquaVIP project, all together to boost aquaculture labour market.

AquaTION will offer training in skills related to innovative and sustainable aquaculture, crucial for the future employees in the aquaculture sector of the South Baltic area.

The aim of the platform is to expand and promote aquaculture as a blue and green economy sector among employers and employees already active in the labour market, willing to improve their skills, as well as aquaculture students willing to make a career in the aquaculture market in the South Baltic area. 

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