Aquaculture Europe 2021 – AquaVIP presentation and Best Student Poster Award

For four days, between October 4th and 7th 2021 participants of Aquaculture Europe 2021 were presenting and discussing important societal challenges arising from global environmental and social-economical threats, with aquaculture as the solution to many of them. AquaVIP consortium aslo presented some of the so far project outcomes, with a great success!

Organised by the European Aquaculture Society, Aquaculture Europe 2021 was held on the island of Madeira. The conference “Oceans of Opportunities” underlined the significant potential for development and investment into innovative and sustainable aquaculture if given the political and social licence to expand and develop, accompanied by public awareness and acceptance of its role.

AE2021 was attended by more than 1400 participants from all over the world. AquaVIP project was presented in a form of three ePosters. One outlining general initial results, and future perspectives, and two focused on the experiments carried out within the project: on algea production and larviculture. The later was awarded the AE2021 Best Student Poster Award, which went to Laura Ballesteros Redondo from the University of Rostock, with co-authors Harry W. Palm, Lukas Reiche and Adrian A. Bischoff. Congratulations!

AquaVIP ePosters:

Apocyclops panamensis as live feed for Sander lucioperca larvicultureAE2021 Best Student Poster Award

Aquaculture Virtual Career Development Platform for the South Baltic Region – Initial Results and Future Perspective

Preliminary Results of Experiments Testing the Feasibility of Co-Culture of Shrimp and Algae in RAS System

More on sessesions and ePosters

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