Aquaculture Working Group

On the 18th of March SUBMARINER Network gathered representatives from selected aquaculture companies, technology providers, researchers and public authorities involved in promoting innovative and sustainable forms of fish and shrimp aquaculture in the Baltic Sea region, including AquaVIP representatives with the intention to to form a dedicated transnational aquaculture working group

It was a bottom-up, preparatory meeting to shape and gather feedback on the role, structure and first steps of the working group, whether to establish a Baltic mirror platform under the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATIP). if you missed the meeting, but would like to express your interest in the working group, please fill in the poll.

Founded in 2014, the SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth is a unique bottom-up platform that brings together actors from the whole Baltic Sea Region to actively promote innovative and sustainable uses of marine resources. With 40 members and 600+ partners from private and public organisations within the Baltic and beyond, it operates across the whole knowledge triangle (education, research, and innovation) by integrating perspectives from local to transnational scale, different scientific disciplines as well as policy and economic institutions together with a growing number of companies. Based on the results and recommendations of 13+ SUBMARINER projects, numerous workshops and stakeholder roundtables over the past year, we have updated the SUBMARINER Roadmap, first published in 2014. The upcoming Roadmap 2030 highlights sustainable forms of Baltic fish and shrimp aquaculture as a key source of food along with numerous other applications and integrations. Thus the motivation behind the establishment of a dedicated Working Group, bringing together Baltic actors across value chains and the European Aquaculture Technology Innovation Platform (EATIP). The Working Group presents an exciting opportunity to connect with and learn from multi-disciplinary stakeholders on a regular basis, with a view to building a resilient, collaborative network of blue bioeconomy actors throughout the Baltic Sea Region.

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