AquaProfi trainings

We would like to invite aquaculture professionals who are already working within the sector and seeking for further possibilities to extend their knowledge and competences for our AquaProfi – Aquaculture Professionals success support trainings and cooperation.

AquaProfi is a service offer for aquaculture self-employed entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises, SMEs representatives, both employers and employees: fish farmers, crustacean farmers, aquaponics entrepreneurs, as well as farmers associations, NGOs, and authorities interested in improving their skills and sustainable aquaculture development.

AquaProfi service offer includes:

  • AquaProfi network engaging enterprises  crucial on the labor market in the aquaculture sector in the South Baltic area interested in innovative aquaculture solutions researched by the AquaVIP partners (RAS systems, aquaponics, thermal energy application)
  • AquaProfi professional training

The framework for a training scheme accompanying cross-border study visits is being developed by AquaVIP partners. Several different topics for training events will be indicated through the questionnaire, to be send out to the aquaculture sector. These training events will be planned in German and in English, depending on the registrations. The location for the training events will be at the sides of the project partners. Facilities within and outside the South Baltic area will be chosen for the study visits of aquaculture professionals according to the training needs. The topics will be set after the evaluation of the questionnaire and according to the needs defined by the sector. We presume that topics can and should include aquaponics, shrimps and microalgae cultivation. More ideas will come with the feedbacks from the questionnaires.

AquaProfi raining events will be announced and will be open for application/registration by the use of several already existing networks, e.g. the associated project partner Bundesverband Aquakultur project partners, and AquaVIP website.

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