AquaVIP at the Innovative Technologies in Aquaculture Blue Platform online workshop

The University of Gdansk together with the SUBMARINER Network organised a workshop on the topic of Innovative technologies in Aquaculture on the 17th of November 2020. The aim of the workshop was to showcase new trends in innovative aquaculture, with the focus on Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, algae and aquaponics, and to support the development of more innovative technologies across the Baltic Sea Region.

The event was directed to entrepreneurs, students, local authorities, researchers and specialists interested in innovative technologies in aquaculture, the state-of-play in the Baltic Sea region and global trends, as well as highlighting local opportunities and common challenges. Over twenty speakers and more than seventy participants  took part in the event, including SMEs working in aquaculture, consulting and R&D stakeholders, representatives of Baltic aquaculture authorities, university and research institute representatives, as well as aquaculture students.

The programme was divided into thematic sessions starting with a session on the State of Play: innovative technologies in aquaculture in different Baltic Sea Region countries. The second session was dedicated to InnoAquaTech project products, and the possibilities of development of RAS and aquaponics in Baltic Sea Region, including the ongoing activities of the AquaVIP – Aquaculture Virtual career development Platform for the South Baltic region project. The last session of the workshop included good practices in various fields of aquaculture: algae, RAS fish, and mussels cultivation, as well as education, communication and cooperation initiatives. The workshop was met with great interest and we hope that the knowledge and competences gained through the event will be used in practice and result in new activities aimed at increasing the innovative potential of the Blue Bioeconomy, including new investments in aquaculture technologies.

We would like to thank all the speakers and participants for their commitment, fruitful discussions and great atmosphere during the event. As concluded during the wrap-up session, a huge amount of input was delivered by the speakers of the workshop. The organisers will prepare an update of the draft Position Paper, which will be used to further promote the advancement of sustainable and innovative aquaculture across the Baltic Sea Region.

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