AquaVIP Experiments developed to support further project actions

Within AquaVIP we offer service consisting of training, networking, and cooperation actions undertaken in AquaYouth, AquaProfi, and AquaTION work packages on the basis of the AquaVIP experiments conducted by partner institutions.  These are foreseen as core activities for the further actions. AquaVIP experiments will be focused on innovative solutions with the potential to be implemented into aquaculture business in the South Baltic area.  On the basis of state of the art, current situation in the aquaculture sector in the South Baltic area, the needs of the market and its potential  AquaVIP partners have decided to carry out experimental work in the area of recirculating aquaculture systems, shrimps cultivation, artificial feed chains, aquaponics, and geothermal technology.

The initial list of the experiments to be carried out in the partners’ facilities include:

  1. Establishment of artificial feed chains for the culture of sensitive fish larvae (University of Rostock)
  2. Growth and nutritional value of Litopenaeus vannamei from the small-scale laboratory culture (University of Gdańśk)
  3. Aquaponic experiment with Litopenaeus vannamei and microalgae (University of Gdańśk)
  4. Nutritional value of native and non-native shrimps from the Baltic Sea and their importance as a food source for humans or in future fish farms (University of Gdańśk)
  5. Whiteleg shrimp RAS technology optimisation (Klaipeda University)
  6. New „shrimp tower“ RAS concept (Klaipeda University)
  7. Application of brackish salinity in freshwater fish RAS cultivation (Klaipeda University)
  8. Geothermal brine for water salination in marine RAS (Klaipeda University)
  9. Indoor culture technology for Daphnia and its use as valuable(?) additional live feed for fish (Klaipeda University)

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