AquaVIP Gdynia summer school is under preparation

AquaVIP Gdynia summerschool “Aquaculture – promising solutions of technologies for the South Baltic Region: RAS – shrimps – aquaponics – algae” will take place in May 2021. It will be an onsite/online event. Summer school framework and curriculum is ready, however due to covid19 situation all information will be confirmed in March 2021. Stay tuned.

In the South Baltic area, aquaculture is not a widespread established sector yet. Practical training courses are crucial for the development of the graduates skills. The purpose of the AquaYouth summer schools is boosting labour market through the development of aquaculture students skills and expanding their career opportunities. 

The program of the summer schools is based on previous partners educational experience and solutions on innovative aquaculture, as well as the identification of crucial gaps in knowledge and skills in the aquaculture sector delivered by the outcomes of InnoAquaTech and BluePlatform projects, and the initial actions of the AquaVIP project (cooperation, interviews with experts).

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