AquaVIP Klaipeda Summer School – great success on the way towards innovative aquaculture

AquaVIP Klaipeda Summer School organized and hosted by Klaipeda University, in collaboration with Klaipeda Science and Technology Park, took place on June 28 – July 2.

The course aimed to share knowledge, skills and resources through theoretical and practical activities which helped students and professionals to develop and expand their aquaculture skills and capabilities for further career. The 5 day certified course had theoretical lessons taking place online and practical trainings for local participants carried out onsite, with virtual tours available for international participants.

Over 25 participants from various countries received certificates for participating in the summer school and had the opportunity to listen to speakers from Klaipeda University, University of Gdansk, University of Rostock, as well as to other professionals from various shrimp and fish farms. The topics covered by the speakers were recirculating aquaculture systems, aquaponics, probiotics, microalgae biomass, crustaceans and biotechnology in aquaculture.

Presentations are now available:

AquaVIP_Summer_School_Klaipeda Blue_Biotechnology_Pipeline

AquaVIP_Summer_School_Klaipeda Aquaponics

AquaVIP_Summer_School_Klaipeda Shrimp_RAS

AquaVIP_Summer_School_Klaipeda Fish_Disease_and_Parasites

AquaVIP_Summer_School_Klaipeda Probiotics

AquaVIP_Summer_School_Klaipeda Larviculture

AquaVIP_Summer_School_Klaipeda RAS_Technology

AquaVIP_Summer_School_Klaipeda Bioeconomy_development

We want to thank all the speakers and participants for your participation!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jonas Žolobaila :

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