AquaVIP-Questionaire for Aquaculture Stakeholders

In order to correctly assess the current situation on the aquaculture labor market and to counteract possible gaps in the training and knowledge of aquaculture professionals, AquaVIP has launched a questionaire directed to stakeholders, as part of the AquaProfi serice.

AquaProfi – Aquaculture Professionals success support is one of the services offered by AquaVIP. The aim of AquaProfi is the development of cross-border professional aquaculture training courses for practitioners on topics related to innovative and sustainable solutions in aquaculture to upgrade their skills and business capacity. As shown in InnoAquaTech project there is a high demand for professional training in the field of innovative aquaculture within the South Baltic area. Entrepreneurs including self-employed, micro-enterprises and SMEs are very interested in new solutions, innovative developments such as recalculating aquaculture systems, aquaponics and integrated systems, and seek training opportunities, which are very rare within the region. The competitiveness of European aquaculture needs to increase, ensuring that consumer demands for high-quality food are met adequately. In order to achieve this, South Baltic aquaculture has to expand in investments, therefore adequate aquaculture trainings on state of the art and innovation are hereby crucial.

Stakeholders – AquaProfi target group are screened with the questionnaire on the interest in the AquaProfi activities. A database of stakeholders together with their professional background and needs will be formulated. Stakeholders will be approached according to the screening outcomes. AquaProfi stakeholders database will contain information on who expressed interest in participating in AquaProfi activities: professional training (as trainees and experts), networking, study visits (as participants and hosts) etc. If you are a company working in aquaculture, and interested in our offer, we will appreciate your input. Thank you.


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