AquaVIP study tour to Dąbie Hatchery and Upiłka Trout Farm, Poland

Recently AquaVIP including students and researchers from the University of Gdańsk and the University of Rostock visited Dąbie Hatchery and Upiłka Trout Farm, two facilities located 100km south-west of Gdynia, Poland, first a producer of high performance salmonid eyed eggs, and second – market trouts.

AquaVIP partners were hosted in Dąbie by Thibault Pasquier, Managing Director of Dąbie Hatchery, who with, a thorough presentation, gave an inside into the farm operation, which based on accumulated knowledge, is designed to produce the best living conditions for fish while respecting the environment. Breeding techniques implemented are unique and innovative. The team in place consists of skilled, highly qualified and devoted members. Veterinary and sanitary standards are very high and maintaining them remains one of the team priority activities. The eyed eggs are available all year round and are successfully sold in more than forty countries all over the world.

Upiłka Trout Farm, not far away from Dąbie, brings the eyed eggs from Dąbie Hatchery into market-size fish ready for consumption. The entire process was presented to AquaVIP study tour participants by Bartosz Adamczyk, Farm Manage. During the production process great emphasis is put on sustainable development of the environment, so the impact is minimized through the use of various types of filters, biofilters and sedimentation ponds. Sustainability also applies to the fish welfare. The videos also emphasize the importance of an own hatchery which takes the load of 500,000 eyed eggs every seven-weeks, and reduces the risk of any viral or bacterial infections, as well as a recirculating aquaculture system which guarantees stable and safe conditions for fish breeding.

Dabie Hatchery and Upiła Trout Farm AquaVIP video materials on innovative and sustainable aquaculture, are available on the project YouTube channel: Dabie hatchery Upiłka Trout Farm (1), Upiłka Trout Farm (2).

Study tour agenda

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