AquaVIP study visit to the Netherlands

On 13th and 14th of March 2023 AquaVIP partners and associated partners visited three innovative and sustainable aquaculture production facilities in the Netherlands:

Delta Farms – the biggest producer of live bait for fishing, maturation feed for aquaculture industries and for specialised pet feed products. The farm produces Polychaete, Nereis virens in controlled aquaculture conditions .It is a family run business with over 30 years experience in aquacultural farming.

Article on Polychaete, Nereis virens (in Polish): Nereis virens

Kingfish Zeeland – based in the Dutch province of Zeeland, the farm taps into the pristine marine estuary water of the Eastern Scheldt, a Natura 2000 nature reserve, to deliver a healthy, antibiotic-free premium delicacy: the Dutch Yellowtail (Seriola Lalandi), high grade sashimi, a grilled or smoked classic, and a ‘Green Choice’ recommended by the Good Fish Foundation as an excellent sustainable alternative, available fresh from the Netherlands all year round, with daily deliveries across the EU.

Seafarm Kamperland – a fish farm focused on  processing of razor clams and shellfish, the fishery, and innovative turbot aquaculture, based on balance with nature. This farm is not only very energy efficient, but also very animal and environmentally friendly. The farm has been declared “green” by the Dutch government and is considered an international example. In January 2022, the turbot farm was the first in the world to receive the ASC certificate for flatfish.

Article on turbot, Psetta maxima (in Polish): Psetta maxima

Thank you for hosting AquaVIP!

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