AquaVIP success story #1 – AquaYouth Aquaculture Youth Career Development Offer

AquaYouth is one of the pillars of AquaVIP project. It is a complex service for students of aquaculture and related fields, future employees willing to make a career in the aquaculture market,  and micro, SMEs and self-employed entrepreneurs willing to improve their skills. We believe that skills gained through the AquaYouth offer facilitate career development and blue economy in the area.

AquaVIP success story #1 is based on intervies of our third-year oceanography bachelor students from the University of Gdańsk, Poland, active participants of the AquaYouth service. These young aquaculture enthusiasts, supervised by dr Aleksandra Zgrundo, have been engaged in the AquaVIP experimental research on shrimp and algae cultivation essential for further project demonstration activities: summer schools, study visits and student panels, which have added up to their education and skills development and shaped future career paths in aquaculture.

Dear students – thank you for being part of AquaYouth and all the best in the aquaculture career!

AquaVIP success story #1

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