AquaVIP success story #3: Master FishFarmer Class (MFFC)

The Master FishFarmer Class (MFFC) was a core AquaProfi service activity, with over one hundred forty registered participants. The aim of this exceptional online course based at Rostock University, was dedicated for fish farmers aiming at becoming master fish farmers and aquaculture professionals looking for further training opportunities.

A seven-months MFFC course allowed interested parties to participate in addition to their regular job and gain a certification by passing a final exam and fulfilling course requirements. The certification was awarded to almost sixty participants from eleven different countries. Tobias Lipsewers PhD, was one of them and gave an interview on the benefits in participating in MFFC and other AquaVIP activities!

AquaVIP success story #3: Master FishFarmer Class (MFFC)

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Master FishFarmer Class (MFFC) description

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