AquaYouth cross – border summer schools

As practical training courses are crucial for the development of the graduates’ skills in aquaculture in the South Baltic area, AquaVIP partners have now developed the framework for two AquaYouth cross-border summer schools which will take place in Poland: Institute of Oceanography, University of Gdańsk and Lithuania: Klaipeda University, in autumn 2021.

Undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Gdańsk, University of Rostock, University of Klaipeda, as well as other students and young professionals from the South Baltic region willing to improve their skills and give an added value to their professional career will be invited to participate in those training events ran by AquaVIP partners: Klaipeda Science and Technology Park, University of Rostock, University of Gdańsk, University of Klaipeda, AquaVIP associated partners, and invited experts.

Program of the summer schools will be based on the identification of crucial gaps in knowledge and skills in the aquaculture sector, as well as AquaVIP experiments and previous partners educational experience and solutions on innovative aquaculture possibilities coming from previous projects, especially InnoAquaTech pilots on RAS, aquaponics, algae production and integrated aquaculture.

Have a look here on our last summer school on aquaculture carried out at the Institute of Oceanography, University of Gdańsk, in the framework of InnoAquaTech project.

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