Recently AquaVIP visited Dabie Hatchery, located 100km south-west of Gdynia, Poland, a producer of high performance salmonid eyed eggs.

In Dabie Hatchery operation process takes place in two highly specialized and modern farms: Dabie and Budowko. Dabie is a very modern and unique farm. Its important advantage is geographically isolated water intake, which helps to maintain highest veterinary status. Outdoor and indoor sections are built in order to produce eggs all year round. The breeding conditions are excellent and clean environment contributes to produce the best quality eyed eggs. The second facility Budowko is located several kilometers from Dabie. This farm is fully modernized and equipped with a brand new hatchery. The breeding processes are similar as in Dabie farm. The egg incubation, sorting and packing are performed at this facility. The eyed eggs from Dabie and Budowko are available all year round and are successfully sold in more than 30 countries.

Dabie Hatchery was chosen by AquaVIP to produce a video material on innovative and sustainable aquaculture, and specifically on high performance salmonid eyed eggs production. The video will be available as an open source material on AquaVIP website.

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