EAStalk / AquaIMPACT / Microbiota webinar

Join EAStalk webinar for free on March 15, Tuesday at 14h CET. Four panellists will discuss the topic “Fish and gut microbiota dialogue. Towards standard methods and genetics, nutrition and host transcriptomic interactions”.

AquaIMPACT integrates information on fish breeding and nutrition for improving EU’s competitiveness on Atlantic salmon, Rainbow trout, Gilthead seabream, and European seabass aquaculture. To ensure food security, and comply with consumers’ demands for high-quality products with limited environmental impact, the products and services generated through AquaIMPACT will focus on the cost-effective selection and genotyping of traits under commercial conditions. To improve nutrition value, new and essential ingredients and food additives will be developed and provided to the genetically engineered fish. The use of optimized genomic technologies and feed ingredients to produce healthier and more nutritious and resource-efficient fish will promote re-circular bioeconomy, the efficient use of resources, and zero-waste practices in the aquaculture industry.

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