Recently AquaVIP team from the University of Gdańsk had an expert visit – Barosz Blum from Aqua Medic company. The visit served several purposes: laboratory-sacale recirculating aquaculture system RAS 500 design modifications, consultations on AquaVIP experiments, onsite training and online training preparations.

Bartosz Blum is a CEO and an owner of the company that produces professional aquariums and aquarium systems. His company, Aqua Medic cooperates with the University of Gdańsk in the field of recirculating aquaculture systems technology design, construction, and training.

The cooperation with Aqua Medic started with InnoAquaTech project (Interreg South Baltic). Within InnoAquTech pilot study: Evaluation of potential of crustacean production in RAS in Pomerania, system RAS 500 required for the experiments on whiteleg shrimps Litopenaeus vannamei was designed and constructed by the company. Bartosz Blum was also engaged in further consultations during the experiment, served with his expertise and know-how during InnoAquaTech educational events.

AquaVIP experiments: Growth and nutritional value of Litopenaeus vannamei from the small-scale laboratory culture, Aquaponic experiment with Litopenaeus vannamei and macroalgae, and Aquaponic experiment with Litopenaeus vannamei and microalgae are based on the cultivation of the whitleg shrims in RAS 500 system. The visit served as a multi-purpose consulting and training opportunity. RAS 500 system design modifications for the purpose of two experiments were discussed and further work was planned. An instruction course for researchers, and students engaged in the experiment: Aquaponic experiment with Litopenaeus vannamei and macroalgae on the composition and functioning of the recirculating aquaculture systems RAS 500 was carried out. Additionality an instruction video material on RAS 500 system design, compounds and functioning was recorded. The video will be available as an open source training material on AquaVIP website.

A report on previous (InnoAquaTech) experiments on Litopenaeus vannamei carried out in the RAS 500 system, and achieved results can be found here.

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