From egg to table – virtual study visit in the JSC Noras LT

A production in the recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) of Arctic charr, a niche species in Lithuania, is presented in the virtual study visit in the JSC Noras LT, Klaipeda District, Lithuania. 

During the virtual study visit at first, we are introduced to Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus), a cold-water fish in the family Salmonidae, native to alpine lakes and arctic and subarctic coastal waters. It spawns in fresh water and populations can be lacustrine, riverine or anadromous, where they return from the ocean to their freshwater birth rivers to spawn. No other freshwater fish is found as far north. Thanks to their evolutional advantages the fish grow well in high densities and are very immune. Low fat content makes the fish flesh firm and delicious. 

Noras has developed a recirculating aquaculture system to grow these fish in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to deliver the finest quality and fresh fish. The system is divided into four modules: incubator/hatchery, juvenile system, and two fish grow out systems. The production from egg to commercial size takes place in the facility. 

As shown in the video, in closed recirculating systems fish farming is safe. What is more, waste water can be further used – for growing vegetables, as the company started with its own experiments. 


Virtual study visit in the JSC Noras LT, Klaipeda District, Lithuania

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