Good practice in education – Fisheries Practical Training Center

In the virtual study visit Jonas Dyglys, the Head of the Fisheries Practical Training Center gives an insight into the purpose, structure, objectives and functioning of the very successful aquaculture program in Southwestern Lithuania.  

Fisheries Practical Training Center was established in 2015 as an answer to the high demand for professionals in aquaculture, offering three programs with various options. Including eight various modules ran within four departments, Fisheries Practical Training Centre is the only sectoral center in Lithuania, providing professionals for the whole sector of aquaculture, cooperating with the University of Klaipeda within projects aiming to combine fisheries and aquaponics. The center also aims to promote aquaculture in the region, showing new perspectives. 

In the virtual visit we are introduced to the process of farming some species. For teaching purposes 0.5 – 1 tone of fish is cultivated in the center, including mainly: a cold-water rainbow trout as a species well suited for Lithuanian aquaculture and European catfish as an example for a worm-water species. But other species such as common carp, and Siberian sturgeon are also studied and farmed.  

Virtual study visit in Fisheries Practical Training Center, Lithuania

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