Guide in Aquaculture Career

Guide in Aquaculture Career brochure shows potential stakeholders, especially students, and young professionals, how to start with aquaculture career or try new things! If you consider aquaculture for your university course, or your curious for learning about innovative solutions including recirculating aquaculture systems, shrimps, algae production, have a look! You might find an inspiration for your education and career!

One of the main aims of AquaVIP project is to expand and promote aquaculture as a blue and green economy sector among employers and employees as well as students – future employees, all together to boost aquaculture labor market. Investments in adequate aquaculture trainings on state of the art and innovation are in high demand for farmers and future employees looking for career development in the sector. AquqVIP has the potential to realize Blue Economy job creation and economic growth. The brochure will be further developed on the basis of our actions and stakeholders’ feedback.

AquaVIP Guide in Aquaculture Career brochure

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