Innovative Aquaculture Forum of the South Baltic region: challenges, opportunities, innovations

On October 25-26 the first forum dedicated to innovative aquaculture was held in Klaipeda, bringing together the international scientific and business community. The event was organized by the  AquaVIP project lead partner – Klaipeda Science and Technology Park (KMTP), in cooperation with partners: Klaipeda University, University of Rostock and University of Gdańsk. 

During the forum, experts from Lithuania, Germany, and Poland discussed the balance of sustainability and profitability in the development of closed recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) on land, and the development of marine aquaculture, and further reviewed developed innovations including the research and experiments on shrimps, algae and fish cultivation, as well as educational offer of the AquaVIP project partners. Future potential of new tools, approaches or species including RAS farms innovations, South Baltic algae, shrimp tower solution for the innovative shrimp cultivation, and the future of seaweed were further presented by AquaVIP project partners and the invited speakers. Further on representatives of catfish, trout, and Arctic charr aquaculture farms shared their experiences and a panel discussion on the future of aquaculture followed.  

The innovative aquaculture forum was completed by a session dedicated to career opportunities, in which specialists of the young generation from Germany, Poland and Lithuania shared their successful path in combining their studies, pursue a scientific degree, engage in internships in foreign countries and work in innovative companies. In order to better understand the life of the aquaculture industry, the young participants of the forum participated in a visit to the company Noras LT operating in the Klaipeda region, and the aquaculture research base operating in Kopgali. 

Innovative Aquaculture Forum poster

Innovative Aquaculture Forum speakers

Innovative Aquaculture Forum program

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Source and photo credit: KSTP

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