Innovative Aquaculture FORUM of the South Baltic region, Klaipeda 25-26 October

The first aquaculture forum will be held in Klaipėda. Klaipėda and project „Aqua VIP“ invites to discuss about the situation of aquaculture in Lithuania and the South Baltic region, the prospects of this industry and the challenges it faces. For the first time, a forum of this kind organized in the port city will bring together the international scientific and business community on October 25-26.

Reflection of the European guidelines

According to Andrius Sutnikas, the development manager of the Klaipėda Science and Technology Park (KSTP), now is a very good time to delve into the issues relevant to the aquaculture community: “The latest EU aquaculture strategic guidelines presented by the European Commission provide a strong impetus to discuss the current state of the sector in the South Baltic region and identify areas where further work is needed to promote sustainability, competitiveness and resilience of the aquaculture industry to adverse factors. Emphasizing the importance of the development of the blue economy in its city’s economic development strategy, Klaipėda is undoubtedly a very suitable location for this kind of forum”.

The content of the Innovative Aquaculture forum of the South Baltic is actively shaped in cooperation with “Aqua VIP” partner Klaipėda University (KU) and partners abroad – the universities of Rostock and Gdańsk. All these institutions will not only delegate their speakers, who will examine various aquaculture topics from a scientific perspective, but will also help business to get involved in the forum, in order to hear good practices and establish new contacts.

Promising business

Although the concept of aquaculture includes the breeding of fish in ponds, modern companies focus on areas requiring much greater competences and a higher level of technology, where recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) are used. “Modern aquaculture is the sector that can help provide the world today and in the future with products of high nutritional value while at the same time protecting the climate and natural ecosystems. Due to all these aspects, aquaculture is regarded as one of the most promising areas of the blue economy”, Andrius Sutnikas said.

Klaipėda diligently seeks  to open up the potential of this industry. With the joint efforts of KU and KSTP in 2018 the Aquaculture Competence Center was established, an experimental shrimp breeding facility was built in the business incubator, the scientific research infrastructure, which is very important for the development of aquaculture, is operating in Kopgalis. Businesses looking for new niches or wanting to improve their processes in Klaipėda receive consultations from scientists, and specialists needed by the sector are also trained here.

Exclusive career panel session

Although modern infrastructure that requires considerable investment is extremely important for aquaculture companies seeking to be competitive, experts in this field emphasize that even the most expensive equipment is only an “iron” without people who are able to work with new technologies and who do not lack enthusiasm to see their professional realization in this field.

“Despite the efforts made by us and our colleagues abroad, the industry faces a shortage of the qualified labor force. Obviously such situation becomes an obstacle to the growth of modern aquaculture. The forum to be held in Klaipėda has set itself the goal of attracting a large circle of academic youth and young specialists – we will aim to present career opportunities to them more widely, to encourage them to be proactive in the labor market”, stressed the head of the KU Fisheries and Aquaculture Laboratory Dr. Nerius Nika.

The second day of the forum will be dedicated to young aquaculture talents. The final day also will offer an opportunity to join study visits and see aquaculture facilities operating in Klaipėda.

The event will take place in the Klaipėda University’s Aula Magna hall (“Studlendas”). Registration is required

Aquaculture conference sessions will include:

· Keynote session: increasing knowledge and innovation in the EU aquaculture sector

· Sustainable aquaculture technology, ensuring the participation of the EU aquaculture sector in the green transition

· Fostering innovation to enable production of sustainable and accessible feed for aquaculture.

· Best practice and innovative business models for the growth of region aquaculture industry.

· Career panel- finding and attracting talent for aquaculture sector.

Detailed programme will follow soon. Interested in becoming part of it and joining the forum stage? Submit your suggested topic:, and we will contact you!

The costs of the event are covered by the organizers.

Forum language – English.

More information: Andrius Sutnikas, Development Manager at Klaipėda Science and Technology Park +370 686 37681

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