K1 Trout Farm – AquaVIP partner in aquaculture education and promotion

Recently AquaVIP visited K1 Trout Farm, located  sixty kilometres west of Gdynia, Poland, where we were received by Marcin Juchniewicz, the managing director of the farm, who explained how the investments and technology make the fish farm one of the most innovative in the region.

A lot of time and many ideas were so far invested into the planning and construction of the K1 Trout Farm, which is largely automated in order to reduce the ecological impact of the production and improve the fish welfare. The plant uses an air system, ensuring a vertical water circulation, a continuous current of stream water, aeration and separation of suspended solids from the fish water via a unique sediments collection system. Furthermore bioreactors are implemented for water biofiltration. The last step for water purification is an application of an integrated multi-trophic aquaculture system. As the result the bi-products are a biological fertilizer and filtered water is redirected into the stream. The farm is already a good example of a synergy between ecology and economy, still it has new investment plans ahead to improve both its productivity and sustainability.

K1 Trout Farm was already cooperating with the University of Gdańsk within InnoAquaTech project as a study visit site for international aquaculture professionals. Now the farm was chosen by AquaVIP to produce a promotional video material on innovative and sustainable aquaculture in Pomerania, Poland, as well as an educational material on trout farming technology. Both videos will be available as an open source material on AquaVIP website. A visit was also an occasion to discuss further engagement of K1 Trout Farm into cooperation with AquaVIP in the educational activities of the project such as a summer school and study visits.

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