Let’s make Europe Blue: the EU4Ocean for Ocean Literacy Summit rewards outstanding actions for the Ocean

After more than 2 years, the EU4Ocean Coalition – an initiative on ocean literacy of the European Commission – is rewarding and celebrating the efforts of its members and their most outstanding initiatives to date, and is looking forward to the future!

On 19 May, visit the EU4Ocean Coalition booth and exhibition space, where you can join many interactive activities organised by the EU4Ocean members.

On 20 May 2022, during the European Maritime Day, the hybrid Ocean Literacy EU4Ocean Summit will showcase and award the most successful initiatives, collaborations and actions of the EU4Ocean Coalition members. Organisations, individuals, young people, schools and teachers are coming together to celebrate their efforts and commitment to the ocean and invite others to join them in their work to enhance ocean literacy throughout Europe. They will demonstrate how working together can achieve more than individual actions. The EU4Ocean Summit will be a great opportunity to join this growing movement.

The Summit, supported by the UNESCO as one of the Ocean Decade Actions, will also kick off a new series of initiatives, such as the new EU4Ocean Mentoring Programme. The Coalition wants to keep the momentum going, renew the commitment of its members, bring new ocean lovers on board, and pave the way for further progress.

Registration to the event will open soon. Stay tuned!

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Source: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/maritimeforum/en/node/6964

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