Litopenaeus vannamei postlarvae ready for AquaVIP research at the University of Gdańsk

L. vannamei postlarvae have arrived from White Panther Production GmbH, Austria and are now being acclimated at the recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) laboratory at the Universiy of Gdańsk for further research on their growth and nutritional value as well as ”algae scrubber” experiment with selected algae strains.

The experiments is a follow-up of the research curried out under the Interreg South Baltic Programme project InnoAquaTech (report). Also the possibility of using macroalgae from the green algae group as a natural filter in RAS with an intensive culture of L. vannamei will be tested. In addition to testing the effectiveness of macroalgae in treating water in RAS, their biomass growth and the potential application will be analysed with the purpose to determine the possibilities of its commercial use including production of valuable biomolecules, as a fertilizer or feed additive.

Since there is no practice of macroalgae cultivation in the Baltic so far various elements and outcomes of the experiment (including design of the experimental system, working protocol, or analysed data) will be used for demonstrating potential of the algal communities in RAS systems, during outreach activities for aquaculture students and professionals.

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