New AQUAVIP video material on good practice in salmonid eyed eggs production

Recently AquaVIP visited Dabie Hatchery, a Europe leading producer of salmonid eyed eggs, located  in Pomerania, Poland. A vidoe on good practice and production process has been produced after the visit: “Dabie Hatchery – Good practice in the salmonid eyed eggs”, now available at the AquaVIP YouTube channel.

Dabie Hatchery was chosen by AquaVIP to produce a promotional video material on innovative and sustainable aquaculture in Pomerania, Poland, and an example of good practice in salmonid eyed eggs production, as well as an educational material on the production process and technology.

As presented in the video Dabie Hatchery is based on accumulated knowledge, the fish farms are designed to produce the best living conditions for fish while respecting the environment. Breeding techniques implemented are unique and innovative. The team in place consists of skilled, highly qualified and devoted members. Veterinary and sanitary standards are very high and maintaining them remains one of the team priority activities. The eyed eggs are available all year round and are successfully sold in more than 30 countries.
The operation process takes place in two highly specialized and modern farms: Dabie and Budowko located in the North of Poland around 1,5 hours drive from Gdansk.

The video, in Polish, with English subtitles. is available as an open source material on AquaVIP YouTube channel.

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