New AquaVIP viedo materials on good practice in aquaculture and trout breeding process technology

Recently AquaVIP visited Upiłka Trout Ponds, located  in Pomerania, Poland, where we were received by Bartosz Adamczyk. Two videos have been produced after the visit: “Upiłka Trout Ponds – good practice in trout farming” and “Rainbow trout breeding process – Upiłka Trout Ponds”, both available at the AquaVIP YouTube channel.

Fish farm “Upiłka Trout Ponds” was chosen by AquaVIP to produce a promotional video material on innovative and sustainable aquaculture in Pomerania, Poland, and an example of good practice in rainbow trout farming, as well as an educational material on trout breeding process technology.

As presented in the videos Upiłka Trout Ponds is largely automated in order to reduce the ecological impact of the production and improve the fish welfare. During the production process great emphasis is put on sustainable development of the environment, so the impact is minimized through the use of various types of filters, biofilters and sedimentation ponds. Sustainability also applies to the fish welfare. The videos also emphasize the importance of an own hatchery which takes the load of 500,000 eyed eggs every seven-weeks, and reduces the risk of any viral or bacterial infections, as well as a recirculating aquaculture system which guarantees stable and safe conditions for fish breeding.

The videos prove the farm to be an example of good practice in aquaculture and explain the breeding process applied on the farm, as well as present jobs performed on the farm and employment needs which can be used by students, teachers, and professionals for study, analysis and application.

Both videos, in Polish, with English subtitles. are available as an open source material on AquaVIP YouTube channel.

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