Recently AquaVIP team from the University of Gdańsk together with Barosz Blum from Aqua Medic company produced an instruction video material on recirculating aquaculture system – RAS 500 serving AquaVIP experiments on whiteleg shrimps Litopenaeus vannamei: “Recirculating aquaculture technology – laboratory RAS 500 system for Litopenaeus vannamei shrimps cultivatio.

In the video material Bartosz discusses the concept of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), which rely on the fact that only a small amount of water is changed in the systems. All water circulates between the cultivation tank and filters. All the principal elements of the RAS 500 system are analysed: cultivation tank, mechanical filter, protein skimmer, cartridge chamber, pump, UV sterilizer, and biological chamber and their functions are explained.

Bartosz Blum is a CEO and an owner of the company that produces professional aquariums and aquarium systems. His company, Aqua Medic cooperates with the University of Gdańsk in the field of recirculating aquaculture systems technology design, construction, and training. The cooperation with Aqua Medic started with InnoAquaTech project (Interreg South Baltic). Within InnoAquTech pilot study: Evaluation of potential of crustacean production in RAS in Pomerania, system RAS 500 required for the experiments on whiteleg shrimps Litopenaeus vannamei was designed and constructed by the company. 

The video, in Polish, with English subtitles. is available as an open source material on AquaVIP YouTube channel.

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