Ocean Visions 2021 Summit

The Ocean Visions 2021 Summit May 18-21, 2021 “Towards a Global Ecosystem for Ocean Solutions” will bring together a multi-sector community of researchers, innovators, decision-makers, funders, and more to develop roadmaps for solving great ocean challenges including ocean-based solutions to climate, equitable coastal solutions strategies for resilience and adaptation, marine circular economies, ocean & human health, and how to transform research from academia into sustainable businesses.

The Summit will be held virtually on the campus of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA, between May 18-21, 2021. The summit is linked and co-organized with satellite virtual campuses in Hobart, Australia, Cape Town, South Africa, Mindelo, Cabo Verde, and Kiel, Germany.

Among various sesions, session four: The Coastal Circular Bioeconomy: Sustainable Food, Bioenergy, and Biomaterials from the Sea gives place for aquaculture presentations and posters.​ The primary goal of this session is to explore the potential of marine aquaculture for sustainably intensifying global food production. All forms of marine aquaculture will be considered, from micro- and macroalgae to fin- and shellfish. Sustainability issues to be quantified relative to the current global food production system will include reductions in greenhouse gases emissions, energy use, arable land footprint, eutrophication, and biodiversity loss. The secondary objectives of the session will be to consider the role of marine aquaculture in the coastal circular bioeconomy, with a special focus on the recycling of materials in algae-based wastewater treatment and the co-production of bioenergy and biomaterials. Bioenergy uses include microalgae-based liquid fuels for the transportation sector and macroalgae-based liquid and solid fuels for the transportation and power sectors, respectively. Biomaterial uses include microalgae-based petroleum product substitutes, such as plastics, foams, and carbon fiber. Possible Themes include the future of aquaculture and food from the sea, the future of algal biomaterials and energy from the sea, finding the ocean’s sweet spot in the climate, energy, food, and water nexus.

Registration is free and deadline for abstracts is 1st of April.

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Source: https://www.oceanvisions.org/summit-2021

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