Potential for (blue)growth

Hanna Łądkowska and Konrad Ocalewicz from the AquaVIP project, University of Gdansk gave an overview of potential for Blue Growth at the 5th BlueTalk webinar, part of the Sea-Eu project.

The 1st part of the webinar provided an overview of the most promising blue bioeconomy sectors in terms of growth (e.g. good practices, pilots implementations, development plans) with the special emphasis on the innovative aquaculture. The 2nd part touched on issues related to the aquaculture sector in the pandemic era: lockdown and its consequences for production of fish, fish processing, limitations of transportation, consumption (markets and restaurants). Most of the issues were discussed based on observations made on the salmonid fish aquaculture and market in Poland and the EU.

Blue Talks is a series of short on-line events focused on the topic of a blue economy organised by the SEA-EU. Talks are delivered in the form of a one-hour webinar where an expert in the topic presents the state of play in the specific field and participants are invited to contribute with questions and comments for the Q&A session. After the webinar video material is available online.

Source; https://sea-eu.org/blue-talks/

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