Reason & Objective
There is a significant demand for a high-qualified personnel and knowledge in modern aquaculture. In order to develop innovative aquaculture sector and move the focus into the South Baltic region, competencies and knowledge are crucial. This is where AquaVIP has a field for action. AquaVIP project objective is to boost aquaculture labour market within the South Baltic area by fostering human resources capacity: students and companies along the aquaculture value chain through cross-border training and networking, which will result in an increased number of skilled professionals and future employees in the blue economy sector.
Reason & Objective
Focus & Approach
Focus & Approach

AquaVIP focuses on:

  • investigating best practices
  • testing innovative methods and tools
  • exchanging knowledge and experience related to human resource capacities for the aquaculture sector area’s blue and green economy
  • training students and professionals in the area of innovative aquaculture methods
  • cooperation with partners and joint development of tailored solutions for boosting human resource capacities
  • forming international networks with organizations pursuing the same mission
  • experiencing the cross-sector cooperation possibilities in an international setting

AquaVIP experiments conducted by partner institutions together with actions undertaken in AquaYouthAquaProfi and AquaTION compose a service offer of the AquaVIP project.

The project consists of five WPs, three of which are content WPs: AquaYouth – Aquaculture Youth career development,  AquaProfi – Aquaculture Professionals success support, and AquaTION – Aquaculture innovaTION – boosting education and business capacity,  that run in parallel and are closely interlinked with each other.
AquaVIP target group includes  many stakeholders along the aquaculture value chain:
  • aquaculture and related fields students
  • future employees willing to make a career in the aquaculture market in the South Baltic area
  • employees and entrepreneurs of micro or SMEs willing to improve the skills
  • farmers associations
  • NGOs
  • authorities interested in improving their skills and sustainable aquaculture development
The project’s target group is well represented by associated partner organizations, which include SMEs, associations of aquaculture producers and fishermen as well as local economic development agencies.
In the framework of the AquaVIP project, we put a strong base for strengthening aquaculture programmes in the universities, provide hands-on-experience for academic communities and create conditions for changes in the labuor market. Innovative aquaculture will bring benefit to businesses in our region and society in general – as it provides healthy, secure and regionally produced high quality food. The use of innovative environmentally friendly production technologies will also open new and international markets, providing further new jobs and blue-green growth in the South Baltic area.
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