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Across the modern aquaculture and seafood industry appropriate trainings and competence building is essential to support business performance and development. This is where AquaVIP has a field for action. Presenting Master FishFarmer Class (MFFC) we focus on AquaProfi community, inviting professionals and young talents from the all South Baltic region to join this exceptional online courses. Starting 20 October 2021!

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Specialist in aquaculture? Join MFFC and grow as aquaculture professional.

Leader/ entrepreneur? Encourage your colleagues/ employees to participate in MFCC and make your business stronger.


Overview & Scope

The complete Master FishFarmer Class (MFFC) will contain 6 different topics, which will be presented online:

RAS Technology
Fish diseases and Parasites
Algae Production
Aquafeeds, Nutrient Requirements, Feed Additives
Aquaculture Business, Marketing, Product Development


7 months (October 2021 to April 2022). Each topic will last approx. for 1 month, with 4 online lectures per topic, where the contents of the course will be presented by the lecturers/ experts in their field.

Convenient format

Each online lecture will last for approx. 2 hours, including the lecture, time for questions, discussion and will be held after regular working hours (starting at 5 o’clock PM CET), to allow interested parties to participate in addition to their regular job.
All lectures will be put online after they have been given by the lecturers and are therefore for registered participants available for repeated viewing without restriction.


  • Access to wide spectrum of knowledge and up-to-date-information, provided by our experts.
  • Possibility to observe and evaluate familiar processes from a broader perspective while working at everyday job, thus developing the professional career.
  • Multiple networking opportunities are another reason to join the MFFC. Participants get to meet and interact with colleagues and aquaculture experts – academics & entrepreneurs – from the all South Baltic region.


Please note: registration form includes questions about your experience and motivation to join this course. Make sure to provide detailed information. Organizers will contact participants directly.
Registration deadline: 15 October 2021.


After successful completion (40 h/ entire MFFC). All 6 individual topics must be completed in order to receive the certificate of successful participation.

Price: the course is free of charge.
Language: English


Contact course curator
Dr. Adrian A. Bischoff-Lang +49 381 498 3738


Brief description of the course content:

Topic 1 – RAS Technology will deal with the structure and functioning of modern recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). In addition to describing the structure and function of the individual components, this includes the interaction and influence of the components on each other as well as potential sources of failure and their avoidance in routine operation.

Topic 2 – Larviculture will deal with the handling and care of the sensitive larval stages of aquaculture-relevant fish species. This includes the construction and maintenance of artificial feed chains for the supply of fish larvae with live feed, such as the combination of microalgae-zooplankton-fish larvae. Various criteria for assessing the condition of the larvae are presented to help the practitioner make decisions.

Topic 3 – Fish disease and parasites will initially deal with the content of finding and identifying fish parasites and diseases. For this purpose, it will be methodically explained how a fish should be systematically and completely examined. The range of unicellular and multicellular parasites will be introduced in the course of the lectures, their biological significance will be discussed and treatment procedures will be explained.

Topic 4 – Algae production will deal with the production methods for microalgae and macroalgae, their composition and potential utilization in aquaculture and other biotechnological applications.

Topic 5 – Aquafeeds, Nutrition Requirements and Feed Additives will deal with the composition and production as well as the origin of the raw materials of modern aquaculture feeds. In addition, the prevailing nutrient requirements of fish will be examined in more detail as a basis for feed preparation. Finally, the possibility and mode of action of various feed additives that have positive effects on the culture organisms will be discussed.

Topic 6 – Aquaculture Business, Marketing, Product development will deal with the business and socio-economic fundamentals of aquaculture. In addition, possibilities for improving marketing will be addressed and potentials for product development and expansion of the product range will be shown. The aim of this topic is to sensitize aquaculture employees to the economic efficiency of the company in addition to the effective handling of the cultured organisms.

(Preliminary) Timeline: 

Topic 1: 20.10.2021, 27.10.2021, 03.11.2021 & 10.11.2021

Topic 2: 17.11.2021, 24.11.2021, 01.12.2021 & 08.12.2021

Topic 3: 12.01.2022, 19.01.2022, 26.01.2022 & 02.02.2022

Topic 4: 09.02.2022, 16.02.2022, 23.02.2022 & 02.03.2022

Topic 5: 09.03.2022, 16.03.2022, 23.03.2022 & 30.03.2022

Topic 6: 06.04.2022, 13.04.2022, 20.04.2022 & 27.04.2022


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