SEA-EU Blue Talks session 8: “FucoSan – Trans-border cooperation for research and development on the biomarine resource fucoidan”

Next Blue Talks webinar is perfect for all of you interested in developing products from marine resources, in organizing trans-border cooperations, and for those fascinated by the vast features and characteristics of marine compounds.

Biomarine compounds are an underexplored resource of high potential for development of products for health and well-being. The Interreg project FucoSan was dedicated to research and development on the marine polysaccharide fucoidan, extracted from brown algae, targeting the whole value chain – culture and harvest, extraction, characterization, and pilot applications. In addition, the project also investigated market potential and obstacles, and developed an active network which is now further pursuit in a follow-up project. Furthermore, FucoSan is a trans-border cooperation between Germany and Denmark, strengthening the border region and international cooperation.

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