SeaWheat – ULVA: tomorrow’s “wheat of the sea”, a model for an innovative mariculture

Save the date September 13-15, 2022 for the Ulva – from fundamental biology to aquaculture state of the art, bottlenecks and gaps, an event at the University of Cadiz, Spain!

The main aim of the COST Action is to make a step-change towards a green economy based on Ulva mass production and utilization within the European community and beyond. The ultimate goal is the development of Ulva-based blue-biotech industries and utilization of Ulva as a model organism in European algaculture. The Ulva COST Action will facilitate acquainting the traditional European diet and taste with Ulva, as a new, sustainable, and safe food item. The Action will profit from the world-renowned quality standard of European food production and from the nutritional value of Ulva toward using this alga in European human diet and animal nutrition.

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