Study visit to Klaipeda University – opportunity for experiments, knowledge transfer and cooperation

Recently, on February 8 – 11 dr. Aleksandra Zgrundo and third – year oceanography bachelor students: Karolina Czmajduch and Hanna Gawrysiak from the University of Gdańsk took part in a study visit to the Klaipeda University, organized by dr. Nerijus Nika, Head of Fisheries and Aquaculture Laboratory of Marine Research Institute at Klaipeda University, with the aim to present new techniques and methods used white shrimp Pannaeus vannamei and fish aquaculture in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) in Klaipeda, exchange experiences based on AquaVIP shrimp breeding experiments at both universities and establish further cooperation in the field of multitrophic aquaculture.

The study trip included visits to Klaipeda University as well as Klaipeda Science and Technology Park. Participants were acquainted with the recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) designed for shrimp farming at KSTP and Klaipeda University Marine Research Institute Fisheries and Aquaculture Laboratory, located at the beautiful Curonian Spit, with laboratory’s RAS systems, where development of fresh and brackish water aquaculture takes place, as well laboratories that allow for carrying out a variety of morphological and anatomical analyzes, and a modern mesocosm allowing for the simulation of environmental conditions, and a wave channel allowing for simple experiments in liquids hydrodynamics.

During the visit participants took part in some of the experiments carried out by the Klapieda University research team within AquaVIP project: shrimps feeding procedures, completion of the “shrimp tower” experiment – an innovative breeding optimization system, taking measurements (length, weight), sampling hemolymph from stressed and non-stressed specimens, and making behavioral observations.

As part of the study visit a meeting at the Research Institute at the Klaipeda University was organized with the director and researchers interested in cooperation in the field of micro- and macroalgae aquaculture. At the meeting, previous experience in the field of aquaculture and plant breeding as well as educational offer in aquaculture was discussed, and the visiting students had the opportunity to present the results of their bachelors’ projects.

The study visit to the Klaipeda University gave the Polish team a unique opportunity to have an insight into practical aspects of working with large-scale experimental shrimp and fish farms, information on advantages and disadvantages of the systems at the Klaipeda facility to be considered at further experiments, to share professional knowledge and experience, and find aquaculture themes for further cooperation. Additionally visiting students gained information related to shrimp behavior and cannibalism related to the their bachelor projects and developed soft skills related to communication, mutual learning and research results presentation, crucial for their further professional development.

Source: Participants report

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