Study visit to Rostock FishGlassHouse and Fraktal GmbH in Anklam – exchange of experiences in shrimp and aquaponic production

In June 2022, a group from Klaipeda University visited the research facility of the professorship aquaculture and sea ranching in Rostock as well as the production site of Fraktal GmbH in Anklam, which market their shrimps (Litopenaeus vannamei) under the product name Nordic Crown.

Fraktal GmbH production manager Leif Lorenzen gave a detailed presentation of the company and the production site and explained the elaborate development process from the initial idea for the production facilities to the current plant concept. This works according to the Biofloc principle, i.e. a large number of different algae, bacteria, fungi, ciliates, flagellates, rotifers and nematodes ensure a stable and good water quality, which also provides additional food for the shrimps. The production site is expected to reach its total capacity of 15 tonnes per year during the coming year and is optimistic about the future.

Furthermore, the group from Kalipeda University was able to take a look at the aquaculture and aquaponics facilities at the location of the professorship aquaculture and sea ranching in Rostock, in the so-called FishGlassHouse. In addition to the annual fish production of 3 to 5 tonnes, a variety of different aquaponic questions are investigated in order to be able to use the dissolved nutrients sustainably and efficiently.

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