The ocean-climate nexus: Supporting climate ambitions through a sustainable blue economy

Oct 15, 12:00 (London time), online

The oceans and seas play an integral role in stablising our climate and provide myriad additional ecosystem services that we depend upon. The worldwide ocean economy is valued at around US$1.5 trillion per year. ‘Blue economy’ is an emerging concept used to refer to ocean resources and economic activities, whilst also encompassing the ethos of the need for sustainable use and stewardship of the marine environment.

As part of the fifth theme in STAGES on the road to COP26, Economy, the role of the blue economy in meeting climate ambitions will be explored. Join for a panel discussion in which expert marine and coastal scientists will be exploring the following questions:

What is the blue economy and how does it relate to COP26?
What is the role of the Ocean Decade in scaling up a sustainable blue economy?
Transition or transformation? Catalysing the blue economyTime

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