Trout Breeders Conference

Trout Breeders Conference took place on 14-16.10.2020. Organized by Polish Trout Breeders Association (PTBA) this year the conference had a form of a webinar (Polish/English). Hanna Łądkowska from AquaVIP was present at the conference on the second, international day with a presentation: “Education and career in innovative and sustainable aquaculture – AquaVIP project”.

We would like to thank the organizers and all those who joined online during AquaVIP presentation and remotely listened to the lectures on the most important issues for the aquaculture industry.

PTBA unites more than one hundred members. Nearly 100% share in total Polish trout production belongs to PTBA. Polish Trout Breeders Association consists of a legal team and persons conducting professional fish production, primarily of salmonid fish, as well as other species with a potential future in the marketplace. For over twenty years we have been overseeing the businesses and constant development of salmonid fish farmers. Due to this, we can gather together almost all of representatives of the trout sector in Poland, we have become a strong organization dealing with the promotion of the development of our industry and the fight for its interests. The Association Statute – available on the website – explains the aims of the Polish Trout Breeders Association in detail.

Conference presentations (in Polish) are still available at the PTBA web page

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