UNITED and MUSICA WORKSHOP on modification of existing installations vs newbuilds

A Co-hosted seminar between the MUSICA and UNITED Projects, comparing and contrasting their experiences in developing a Multi-Use-Platform. This Co-hosted seminar between the MUSICA and UNITED projects will compare and contrast the different experiences of both projects in building a Multi-Use-Platform (MUP) from the ground up (MUSICA) verses building in tandem with existing structures (UNITED). Both projects will present on their experiences, from original proposed designs, to the practicalities of doing a project of this scope under Horizon2020, identifying issues encountered, including COVID enforced delays, rising materials / construction costs and acquiring insurance and permits. This interactive seminar will facilitate a discussion between attendees on methods of circumventing arising issues and solutions and changes that may need to be taken in the multi-use context.

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MUSICA Project

Source: https://www.h2020united.eu/events/eventdetail/10/-/united-and-musica-workshop-on-modification-of-existing-installations-vs-newbuilds

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