Upiłka Trout Farm – AquaVIP partner in aquaculture education and promotion

Recently AquaVIP visited Upiłka Trout Farm, located  140km south-west of Gdynia, Poland, where we were guided by Bartosz Adamczyk, who explained how the investments and technology make the fish farm one of the most innovative in the region.

Upiłka Trout Farm was established in 1998 and specializes in breeding rainbow trout. Every year, the farm delivers several hundred tons of healthy fish in various forms to the Polish market. The facility is located in nature protection area – Natura 2000. What is very important the farm has its own hatchery building where the fish spend their first six months. The facility is prepared to receive 500 thousand trout roe grains, in 7 week cycles. This amount is sufficient for the needs of the farm and allows for periodic sale to other breeders. Additionally, the latest achievement of the farm is the construction of a complex of four ponds with a set of biofilters functioning as a recirculating aquaculture system, which is the future of aquaculture.

The farm was chosen by AquaVIP to produce a promotional video material on innovative and sustainable aquaculture in Pomerania, Poland, as well as an educational material on trout farming technology. Both videos will be available as an open source material on AquaVIP website.

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